Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Learning...Did You KNOW?

Please answer all of the following questions: (Make sure you proofread and use complete sentences) These should be elaborate thoughts, not one sentence repsonses!
1) After viewing Mr. Fisch's world-renown "Did you Know" powerpoint, what are some things that strike you about the facts presented?
How does this make you think about the world and your place in it? How could this impact you?
2) Also, what did Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" make you think about perseverance, hard work, potential, etc...? How can you apply what you saw from his adventures doing bike tricks, to your own life?
3) What is the value of learning? What is your role as a learner?


  1. I thought some of the facts in the power point were cool

  2. 1. After watching Mr. Fish's power point, I was struck by the facts that the world is being taken over by the internet and technology. It makes me feel like the world is very big and the internet makes it even bigger.

    1. Because you will know it forever and you can get jobs easier if you're educated

    2. My role as a learner is to try my best and to my full potential

  3. 1) One of the things that struck me about Mr. Fisch's video was the amount of Indian college graduates that spoke English.The reason this surprised me was that if you asked all the American college graduates how many of them fluently spoke a second language you would get about 43%(Gallup.com)who can.But in India all of them can speak two languages.

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  5. Not all, but a lot of the information and similar information that was on Mr. Fisch's power point were things that I have heard or read before. However, seeing all the information again and together in one piece really made me think about what the world will become when I am an adult. After reading the facts all I could really think about was how The United States has a lot of control compared to other countries but with the way things are going other countries such as China and India could have a similar control of was America has had. I was surprised to see that China had so many more births compared to the ones in American because even though I knew the Chinese had more than a billion people and American wasn't quite there yet, I thought we were more similar birth rates than what is actually the reality of it.

    Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" video really impressed me with the grace and balance he had on a bike. It should that he had so much dedication to get back on the bike even after falling down a couple of times, and you could see that all that work really did pay off. I think that all the words I said about his video should be involved in a productive person's life. A productive person needs a balanced life to excel in anything. They also need the motivation to never give up after they try something hard and give their time so they can have made or mastered something they are truly proud of.

    I find the value of learning to be understanding. Like you do say so often that a grade isn’t who you are. If you get a ‘B’ that doesn’t mean that you’re a ‘B’. It truly doesn’t mean anything. The value of learning is the growth in yourself with age and to have the ability to understand what you are being taught so you will be able to emerge from school with the knowing that you alongside your generation will be able to up hold your responsibility to solve real world problems. I find my role in learning to comprehend new ideas so I will be able to pass on even newer ideas to future generations so that they can continue on the trend for generations.

  6. After watching Mr. Fisch's power point the one fact that stuck with me was just overall how involved with technology where are, it made me wonder what are world would be today without all of the technology we have, It almost makes me wonder if we depend on to much technology. I have a feeling the future generation will offer so much more successful jobs instead of just a couple for those who are more educated that others. I hope by the time i get my job that people who didn't have the best education can still succeed in life instead of struggle.

    Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" showed me that if you really work hard at something you will achieve. I think everyone sets goals for themselves and some people do meet them but others just expect it to just happen and that they don;t have to work towards it. As a learner I think that I should try my best in everything weather I like the class or not just doing my very best can get me a long way. In order to apply this I just have to push myself and stay focused on pushing through and just showing everything I got.

  7. 1. After watching Mr. Fisch's power point I was not struck by just one or two facts but all of them. Not only because they were so shocking but because I did not know that those were the actual facts, I couldn't believe it.

    2. After watching Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" it made me think that if you work hard enough nothing is impossible. You should always try your hardest and never give up because you can do it. I can apply what I saw to my life by always using the ideals of his bike riding, by always trying and never giving up on anything.

    3. The value of learning is very important. Learning helps us achieve anything and everything. My role as a learner is to always be open to learning new things and always be willing to approach something different in order to learn.

  8. 1) After watching Mr. Fisch’s video I was surprised at how much the world has changed in just a few years as far as technology. After reading the statistics, it made me wonder how much the world has changed since 2006. What really caught my attention was that almost every Indian student knows English. I would never have guessed that. His video made me think about how us kids are living in this world of technology and because of that we could do amazing things later on. It makes me wonder what it’ll be like in 20-30 years from now.
    2) After watching Danny Macaskill’s video it made think about how much work he put into that and how many hours it took to learn all those tricks. If it were me I would give up after falling over and over again but he kept going. Just like in life, there’s going to be bumps in the road and you’re going to fall down but you just have to get back up and keep trying and not quit.
    3) The value of learning, I think, is to try your best and to try to get the most out of what is being taught. The value of learning is to keep all that was taught to you and pass it on to different generations so they can learn from you and their teachers and pass it on. I find that my role as a learner is to get the most out of what I’m learning and to try my very best to keep it with me and remember it for down the road.

  9. 1. After watching the "Did you know" video from Mr. Fisch, i was really shocked at how much technology is taking over the World, and how fast its growing. The numbers are almost unreal to me, and it makes me wonder how life and technology will be in 20 years compared to already the insane statistics now.

    2. After watching the, "Inspired Bikes" video from Danny Macaskill, it made me realize that no matter how impossible something seems, if you keep pushing towards your goal, you can achieve it. No matter how many times you may fall down, you have to get back up and keep moving forward. With hard work, you can accomplish anything.

    3. The value of learning is more important than what most people think. It's what keeps us and the World moving forward. With the knowledge of whats going on around us, we'll never be lost in life. We'll know exactly how to grow and what to do with ourselves. My role as a learner is to go the full length of my potential. I have to be open to new ideas, and not stop learning even when i think i've done enough.

  10. In Mr. Fisch’s PowerPoint, I was shocked by the fact that one hundred percent of India’s graduates knew English, where in the US not even everyone knows the language. In addition, the fact that the rate at which technology and internet information and usage is increasing, I had somewhat of an idea, but not in which the PowerPoint presented it. This PowerPoint defiantly made me feel smaller knowing all of this information, how big the world really is, and how hard people are trying; contributing to the world. Although, it’s a good thing to know, it’s a big wakeup. I think this information affects everyone whether they know or not. People rely and work with technology so much more nowadays, it’s crucial to keep updated to not fall behind, it makes you think of the future and from there, try harder for it.
    Danny Macaskill’s “Inspired Bikes” was amazing, I sat it in the back of the room with my mouth gaping; I thought to myself, “dude must be sponsored by RedBull.” I couldn’t believe the months and months of effort behind this ten minute video. People aren’t born with the knowledge or skills to become a engineer or a Olympic athlete, a world renown doctor, or a famous actor, everyone has to have an enormous amount of determination, and hard work, and for some people, natural potential. “Ten percent inspiration, ninety percent perspiration”. The same principles that are applied to make him an amazing biker is the same for life in having qualities like hard work, perseverance, and determination. Danny didn’t give up after falling down a couple of times, and neither should anyone else. Working hard to accomplish in life is difficult but rewarding.
    The value of learning is everything, opening doors to the future, it helps with problem solving, critical thinking, and day to day life. Learning means something different for everyone, whether it’s mastering algebra, learning a new language or skill, or maybe just self growth. Learning is coming out of school with knowledge that you received and kept, going on with new ideas, inspiration, and going forward to make a place for yourself in the world, and in your generation as an eager learner. Learning is lifelong, meaning you’re never too old to take on a new challenge, to dig out that old book you never read, the concept of one idea could change lives, affect coming generations is surreal, but the truth. My role as a learner is the intake as many ideas and as much knowledge as I can to help myself in the future. To push myself harder and to achieve more, to try new things, and to get better at the things I can do already.

  11. Mr. Fisch’s power point was amazing. I had no clue how large our world is. I have known that we live in a big world since I was little. Now that I have numbers big just isn’t something large it, I can put things in a whole new perspective. Thirty six babies born in the last eight seconds and 36 more in another eight seconds, it’s truly amazing. Shift happens fast, that is no lie. In 2006 MySpace was the new internet sensation in just five short years Facebook has taken over. Who knows what life will be like ten years from now. All of this technology changes my life. Teaching could be much harder especially if you compete with online schools. If more kids use online instead of going to class, the number of teaching jobs will be less.
    The “Inspire Bikes” was amazing. You watched how all of the hours and falls he took paid off. Everything takes time. That’s in life also, each day you learn something new and work to make it better than before. I have to practice to make myself better, just like Danny Macaskill. It won’t happen by eating chips on the couch watching TV.
    Learning is so important without it we would be absolutely no where. We learn words to communicate, skills to help us survive everyday. My role as a learner means to come to class ready to have a better understanding of the world, except or reject things in life and make my own decisions.

  12. 1) Watching Mr. Fisch’s “Did You Know” put me in a trance, like everyone else had gone from the room and all that mattered was the video. I supposed this was just because I was tired, how could some statistical video interest me? I realized during my 2nd and 3rd times watching the video that I wasn’t tired, I was amazed and shocked. When it showed the “In the next 8 seconds…” I couldn’t help but think that there are so many things I don’t know about in this world. Then the power point began showing all the facts on how many text messages, hours of tv, and video games that my generation has sent, this is what really got me. If all of that technology has been used and we live in an “exponential world” what will life be like for my children? The longer I thought and read into the video the more frightened I got about the future. I know you should be excited and look forward to the future, but I can’t help being 1% scared. I think if our level of knowledge keeps growing, war and cancer will be the least of our worries. On the brighter side of my reaction to Mr. Fisch’s video, it inspired me to try and make a difference in the world, instead of just being another person, in another place.

    2) Danny Macaskill’s “Inspired Bikes” is simply crazy, but it could not have been titled better. I cannot begin to comprehend how someone could have such patience, balance, and precision to be able to do what he did. If Danny could accomplish riding a bicycle across the top of a fence, why can’t we do something bigger? This video made me realize that with enough perserverence any goal can be reached. I know hard work and practice makes perfect, but I still have trouble understanding how he did everything; which is why his video makes me want to be someone more and be greater at the things I do.

    3) Learning is a word that is most commonly used to describe the point of school. Although I agree with this, I think the value of learning, in the outside world, is completely different. Everyone is learning from the day they’re born, whether it’s how to walk or how to get a chipotle before 5th hour starts. If noone learned, there would be no world. Every life form learns, because it’s required by nature. Because learning is everything, I believe my role, as a learner is to learn. I should want to learn, love to learn, and strive to learn. Or, what else is there?

  13. 1. I really liked Mr. Fisch's power point. I thought it was inspiring, and it made me look at the world differently. Now that we have all this technology in the world, it is way easier to communicate. I was shocked by a lot on the information that I saw on there. The number of things were unbelievable! This world seems so much bigger now that I look at it. It's amazing to me how much this world has changed. I thinks it's crazy that a baby is born every three seconds! I just can't imagine. I started wondering "what would our world be with out all of these new inventions?" I never knew that most Indian college graduates spoke English.I was surprised that all these country's are ahead of us in most situations. I think that Mr. Fisch should make more of these videos, there amazing!

    2. Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" Made me think that I could do so much more in life if i just pushed myself more. It looked like a lot of hard work, but it shows you that you can follow your dreams. You should always try your best at everything in life. You also have to have a lot of potential to do good at the hard things in life.

    3. As a learner I want to try my best, stay on task, learn as much as I can, and stay focused. I need to gain my full potential. Learning and knowing stuff is very important. It is very hard to remember everything you have ever learned, but I think that if you really try your best you will know more then you think.

  14. 1. It seemed like he did alot of research and effort into it. And if you do that you can possibly get rewarded and it helps others around you.

    2. The video "inspired bikes" inspired me to try my hardest even if trying your hardest still doesn't work out. It also taught me that if you practice it will be practically perfect. Last, it showed me sometimes you need to take risks in life, that's what helps you learn.

    3. Try my hardest. Do the best I can to get good grades so I can go to a good college.

  15. 1) One of the things that struck me about Mr. Fisch's video was the amount of Indian college graduates that spoke English. The reason this surprised me was that if you asked all the American college graduates how many of them fluently spoke a second language you would get about 43%(Gallup.com)who can. But in India all of them can speak two languages. To me personally I feel a little left behind in the dust considering I don’t know two languages. However I am taking Spanish so hopefully I will become more fluent in it. After that I feel I will be able to communicate in the world better then I currently can.
    2) In “inspired bikes” I saw hard work and stick-to-itiveness really pay off. It made me feel like with a little perseverance people can do anything they set their minds to. I feel as if in football if I show the same qualities as Danny I could really make a difference to the team.
    3) The value of learning isn’t just having lots of facts in your head. It is showing you how to function in this world. My role as a learner is to always strive to do my best. I shouldn’t throw in the towel to early; in fact I should never throw into the towel at all. And in the end if I feel I did the best I could I have succeeded.

  16. 1)After watching Mr. Fisch's video it pointed out that the world is changing, and that we also have to change with the world to be able to keep up. Education is a very big part in life, it helps you get to your goals in life, but living in the 21st century we have to have the technology to have the same knowledge as the person next to us. This power point, pointed out that the schools need to do their part of bringing us the proper tools to succeed.
    2)"inspired bikes" it inspired me to really work hard on what i love, cause if you try your hardest, you'll be able to do whatever you want to do.
    3)The value in learning is to be able to know stuff, so we can do stuff, and be able to do a good job. Also so we can pass down our knowledge, so the world will forever have all the resources that we need. Our jobs as learners is to be able to make sure we do a good job in school so we can make something out of our life, and be able to help the world become stronger, and able to function.

  17. After watching Mr.Fisch's video, i learned that the technology world is rapidly changing. There is also new project called 'every child gets a laptop' i think that that will be a huge project to accomplish and i don't know when the goal to finish this is but it seems like it will take a long time and will be very hard to do.

  18. Its really key that Mr. Fisch wants to address these problems with college classes today. I agree that it's real hard for students to concentrate with all of the new technology distractions. When I look at myself and think of my struggles compared to the world, I think of the major issues they have. I know that the USA isn't the top educated country, but a lot of blame should go to the students in college. Getting a couple of involved teachers would help the situation. I think that the students get bored of having to sit around in a giant class room all day, just listening to some guy ANOUNCE the information to you. I bet that college students wanna be able to get TAUGHT the lessons and be a little bit more involved with work.
    When I seen the video about that biker, I liked how he never gave up even if it was something really dangerous. What I got from it was that, I have to keep on pushing my knowledge to the limit and be as involved as I possibly can.
    The value of learning in my eyes is that it could get u somewhere in the future, even if your not expecting it. So keep trying, hahaha!!!

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  20. After seeing world-renown "Did you Know" power point, it made me realize how much of an impact technology has on our lives and how much we use it. Just think, a life without cell phones, computers,printers, microwaves, ovens, coffee makers, i touches...etc. We use so much of technology today that I think that if we use it daily for the simply stuff we should use it daily for education. Maybe college students don't feel as connected to the giant classes and teachers should make then feel more involved and relate the information to their lives.

    The Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" "inspired me." Just thinking how much time and effort he put into learning what he probably thought at one point was impossible and what I for sure thought his stunts to be impossible. He showed with determination, hard work, and practice that any dream is possible to achieve! I can apply this to my life by not stopping when it gets hard in life and remembering what I'm doing this for and to keep persevering my goals in life.

  21. 1. the things that struck me is how students miss a lot of learning from technology.
    2. the guy is amazing and shows us how we need to work hard on everything so we can be good at almost everything
    3. as learner I need to be able to participate in events of learning and work hard as a student.